Not JUST a virus

The Coronavirus “Sars-Cov2” has changed just about everything in our lives, but it’s not just the virus and Covid-19 that should be a cause for concern.

At the time of writing it is thought that cases of Depression have at the very least doubled, and equally as alarmingly new cancer presentations are down by around 30% (That doesn’t mean cancer rates have gone down by 30% – it means people aren’t consulting their doctor if they have concerns or find unusual lumps and bumps.)


Please, it’s vitally important that if you, or anyone you know has any concerns, please contact your doctor or family GP as a matter of extreme urgency.  (I’ve written a longer article about cancer here).  If caught early enough it’s highly likely that, (if it is cancerous), it can be dealt with quickly and effectively.  Each day you delay is a day that could tip the balance between it being a thing of the past in a year or so – or you becoming a thing of the past in a year of so.  If you don’t know what to say to your GP, contact me now and I’ll talk you through how to approach your concerns and what may then be the process.


This rise in known, diagnosed cases of clinical depression of 100% is broadly thought to be a gross underestimate.  Don’t become another statistic.  If you feel you’re becoming affected it is again something that you should contact you Doctor or family GP about as a matter of urgency. (I’ve written a longer article about depression here).  Like cancer (depression is kind of a cancer of the mind) if caught early enough it may be something easily treated, perhaps with medication, or other forms of support such as counselling, meditation or other non pharmaceutical therapies.  Again, if you’re worried about how to proceed, contact me now and I’ll talk you through how to start.

AS SOON AS IT’S SAFE TO DO SO I’ll be reconvening our self help support groups again.  It’s vitally important that you realise that you are not alone and one of the best ways to be supported is by others who can at least partly understand what cancer and/or depression mean to you.

In the interim, if you have any concerns, you can contact me now in complete confidence.

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