1944 One Rupee India Ring (Silver)




This is a unique opportunity to own a true one-off .5 Silver One Rupee India coin ring from 1944.

The story behind this ring is that a friend asked me to make a ring for his fathers 75th Birthday.  His father, a retired doctor, was born in India toward the end of WWII.  So I searched the internet to get the best quality ring I could find from 1944.  What I should have done of course is check what year he was actually born…  which was 1945!

When this coin arrived it was such a beauty and of great quality that I simply had to make it into a ring.  The .5 Silver content meant I had to be very exacting and gentle in the working, annealing at every opportunity – I hope you’ll agree, it has turned out delightfully well.

Size: UK “U” – I can adjust this two sizes either way.

I can finish this with a patina, black powder coat to bring out the detail and coat with hard-wearing lacquer, or clear powder coat as desired – or just leave it naked, as is – which I think is a thing of quite exquisite beauty.

The centre is also included as per the main photograph.  This could be made into a charm by drilling a very small hole however you would need to seek a jeweller to do this properly.

Price includes postage in the UK and Europe.