2020-20-20 Miniature “Lucky Sixpence” Coin Ring


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There’s no escaping it; 2020 has been the most challenging year in any of our lifetimes.

Coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) better known as Covid-19 has impacted every single part of human life.  Every industry has been a affected, every life altered.  It was with the catastrophic background that I found myself flipping a 1966 “Tanner”, Sixpence coin in my hand and reflecting upon how as a child these were always considered as lucky – especially if found in a slice of Christmas Pudding.

I made a small Lucky Sixpence coin ring for a friends newborn Grandson a year of so ago, and at a Size “A–” it was the smallest coin ring I’d ever made.  With this in mind I decided upon a challenge, especially given my now severely arthritic fingers, to make 20 miniature Sixpence coin rings for 2020, and sell them for £20 each.

Each is made from a mint 1966 Sixpence.  I’ll also send the corresponding ‘un-ringed’ coin.

These are ideal as a good luck gift to any child born this year, or as a pendant, key-ring or charm on a bracelet.  Each is unique and there are only 20 in this project.  All money raised from the 20202020 is going toward developing an audio documentary project – details are in the video.

If you buy through the site here PayPal (who process the online payment) get a slice.  If you’d like to ensure the full £20 goes toward the project you can select “Pay By Other Means”, or “Pay on Collection” at checkout.  I’ll then send you details of how to send the £20 via PayPal “Friends and Family”.

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