A Penny For Your Thoughts


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This is a sort of ‘crowdfunding’ starter for a project that ostensibly makes finger rings from old One Penny coins from 1966, but there’s so much more to the project than that.  This is a specific ‘ring fenced’ (pun intended) initiative aimed at providing a peer support structure for people living with Depression.


(This style is “Straight Edge”)

The ring itself is symbolic of taking something old and giving it a new life.  The coins however have another quite unique attraction.  When you buy a ring and place it on your finger, you will be the first person ever to have touched it.  I know this for a fact because I opened the bag of coins which was filled by machine and sealed at the Mint.  I cut the seal, removed the coins wearing gloves, made the ring wearing gloves and packaged them, again wearing gloves.

Each hand made ring is highly polished and finished with a hard wearing acrylic lacquer.  You may optionally choose an antique patina.
This ring has been additionally ‘stressed and an antique patina added before final lacquer.  It has also been made to a ‘fat tyre’ profile, adding to the ageing appeal.

(This style is “Fat Tyre”)

So for £25 you will get your own hand made ring to the size of your choice, free shipping in the UK and EU plus I’ll include a brand new, un-circulated and untouched One Penny coin.

These rings are made from Copper.  Although finished in a hard-wearing acrylic lacquer, some finger discolouration may be evident with certain skin types.  This is completely harmless and may be reduced by the application of a nail varnish gel inside the ring.

Copper and Bronze are thought to be beneficial for joint pain caused by Arthritis.

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"Fat Tyre", Straight edge


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