Christmas Pudding Tanners


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When I was young(er) finding a ‘Tanner’ in my slice of Christmas Pudding was a real treat.  Of course I later found out that these were placed strategically so we’d all get one, but the novelty remained.

This ‘product’ is for Six individually packaged (so you can give them away as a lucky charm if you wish) 1966 Sixpences that have never been touched or handled.  I know this because they arrived in a sealed bullion bag that was filled and sealed by machine on the 2nd of June 1966.

I cut the seal off that bag and all the coins I remove are taken out while wearing gloves.  That means you, or whoever opens the little plastic ziplock bag (in order to prevent tarnishing or oxidation) will be the first person to handle that coin!

See the YouTube video here:

These are also on eBay but I’m offering them here too, cheaper, to avoid the eBay fees.

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