Lichtenberg – Naked Virgin Burns


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I wanted to make some little Lichtenbergs available in a way that enables you to make your own art from them without the risk of killing yourself in the process.

These ‘virgin’ burns are quite literally as the voltage left them.  I have wire brushed the worst of the ash away as it’s not nice to open an envelope to a cloud of dusty ash!  I’ll also sand the edges just in case the saw has left anything splintery – but that’s it – the rest is up to your imagination 🙂

These are burnt onto 6mm hardwood plywood.  I will allocate them at random.

You will need to finish cleaning them off, sand them and then paint, stain, dye or just leave them as is before applying either lacquer or varnish.

To ‘test the water’ and as a way of launching this site ‘officially’, these are on half price sale until the end of March 2019.

Watch the video and see my quandary!


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