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…Mightier Than The Sword?

Thanks to a friend, I now have these stylish stylus (usually given away free by rich companies) pens on a limited run of ONLY 30!
(I’ve got 50, but will keep some for that fancy ‘marketing’ stuff)

I guess it’s another way of people chucking a fiver at the tea fund for a group and getting something in return.  They’re actually very good though – metal, with a screen stylus on the top (I’m using it to write this description on my phone!) and as an added bonus, they have ink inside and write real words on paper too 🙂

I’ll include free postage in the UK – so not all of your fiver will go to the tea fund, but I guarantee it will buy biscuits.

Photos are a bit dusty as I’ve been mucking around with wood in the workshop – sorry 🙂