Ultimate Industrial LED Lamp


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This really is a departure from my usual stuff.

A truly unique, one of a kind.

(This is being sold to fund a very specific initiative) 

A truly unique one of a kind.

Giving new life to a broken old industrial pillar drill.  This two month project fit in between creating other stuff, and I had a few obstacles to overcome.  It has been completely refurbished and whilst maintaining its ‘patina’ (rust!) the entire lamp has been protected with over 10 layers of lacquer.

It’s also completely portable and self powered.  This was an experiment in its own right as I didn’t want any leads.  I eventually found a wonderful solution and you’ll be amazed at the intensity of the light output!

This is the story (22 minutes) of its making:

And these are the stills




Ultra high intensity LED “Chip On Board” – remarkably, powered by three AA batteries!


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