Hi, I’m Martyn and I really don’t like ‘charity’.

Before you go (please don’t!), let me expand on that rather abrupt statement…

I’m not ‘against’ charity, and I don’t want you to stop giving to charity, far from it, I’d like you to give more – lots more, especially as charities and the voluntary sector are pretty much the only safety net left in our society.

So what do I mean?

I don’t like the community and support stuff I do to be funded by charitable handouts or dependent upon grants or temporary fashionable funding initiatives.  I think if any project is to be truly sustainable it should have an established revenue stream – which is why, one way of another, all the projects I’m involved with are (or try to be) self supporting and financially independent.

When you buy something here, all of what you pay (after PayPal or whoever take their pound of flesh – you can contact me to pay directly) will go toward me and my merry band of helpers doing stuff with a community and social impact.  So simply put, by buying stuff you help us do stuff.  More importantly, I want you to enjoy the stuff you buy along with knowing you really have directly helped.

Everything I make has a story, and a serial number, you can browse stuff I’ve made in the Catalogue and if you’ve purchase a piece, you can register it, and be added (if you would like) to the Hall of Fame.

I like to give something in each piece, quirky, fun or personal, each piece is unique and made using waste, recycled or reclaimed products.  I personally believe we as a society should work toward creating zero garbage – pretty much everything can be reused, recycled or re purposed.  It is with great pride that my canalside workshop and studio is carbon neutral and we have created, during the last six months (as of March 2019) just one refuse sack of unusable garbage.

Thanks, and enjoy the site,


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