Stuff made, with a Story

Everything is unique and has a bit of a story.  I try to make stuff fun, quirky or functional.  Essentially I like to give something in return for your money, which in turn enables us to do other stuff.

  • Lichtenberg ‘art’ (I also have a Facebook page about Lichtenbergs: This Is Not Art!) a scientific application representing a natural process but using dangerously high levels of electricity.  It look pretty.

    Bob's First Burn - 4    

  • Coin Rings – made mainly from old pre-decimal UK coins.

  • Stuff made with wood.  Giving old forgotten wood a new life.  Fun stuff, functional stuff, anything that makes me smile or awe at the beauty of wood
  • Signage type stuff – ok, this is generally made of wood too…
    Boathouse Coat Hanger

    …although the sign over our gates is made from discarded beer kegs salvaged from the canal.
    Boathouse sign
    Boathouse sign
  • Contemporary stuff that could be classed as ‘design’
  • Lighting mainly low voltage environmentally friendly LED.
    Wall Light 01
    Wall Light 01 (This was just the testing shot).
  • Furniture specifically made to order.
    Coffee Table 01
    Coffee Table 01

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