Here’s a list of stuff I’ll consider trying to make stuff with:


Seriously, try me!

I especially want old, good, clean wood and wooden furniture. Plywood too, 18mm hardwood faced ply offcuts are great for Lichtenbergs.  Old industrial stuff too, especially old tools, and bits of tree (known as ‘Live Edge’ or ‘Waney Edge’) which one may think is in abundant supply in Sheffield after our Council embarked upon the mass felling of everything tree-like…

I love a challenge, please don’t even think about throwing something out before sending me a “Want This?” note using the form below.  As I’ve already said, I hate any form of waste.  You may think it’s had its day, but you know what?

It may not 🙂

Let me see if I can give it another life.  Another purpose.  Let me see if it can become a valued part of someone else’s life.  Try me!