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Boathouse Social
Members Club


To provide a safe, harmonious, welcoming and supportive environment that fosters peer led support, activity initiatives, social engagement and musical adventures with the focus upon the promotion of personal, emotional, physical, mental and psychological health, growth and wellbeing – embracing diversity and encouraging fraternity.



Not for Profit

No committee, run by a Management Group of Martyn & Charlotte

No “Owners”.


The club has access to the building, tools and equipment owned by Sheffield Narrowboats Limited.



Member only events and activities.

Priority access to courses and fun days.

Discount on facilities and equipment hire for private parties and events.


Full Membership:

Annual Memberships run from 1st January each year.

Joining fee £50 includes first years membership*.

Members joining after 1st July £37.50


FIRST 50 “Founding” Memberships get extended membership renewable 1st January 2023 


Annual renewal £25 due 1st January.


Individual Full Membership is available to any person aged 18 years or over.  Membership may be purchased online and will become effective 48 hours from the point of cleared payment or formal acceptance of application, whichever is sooner.

Temporary Membership may be purchased online by any individual over the age of 18 years, may be used at any time but is valid for ONE DAY ONLY and will become valid 48 hours from the point of cleared payment or acceptance of application (whichever is sooner) and must be used within 90 days of purchase..


Member only events:

Each fully paid up full member may ‘sign-in’ a maximum of two guests per day and will be fully responsible for their behaviour at all times.


Club Social.

Time to relax, chat & share.

The Members Only bar is OPEN, 



(Special Interest Groups)

Ad-hoc gatherings, courses and events.

Open to all Fully Paid Members:


DIY Basics – free*

Woodwork – free*

Upcycling – free*

Repair Shop – free*

Metalwork – free*

Coin Rings course – £25

Lichtenberg course – £50

Mini Forge & Casting – free

Brew Club – £150

Urban Garden – free

Scalextric Club – £5

Music Workshop – free

Photo Club – free

Do something physical day – free

(This may be sanding, painting, varnishing, breaking up pallets, lifting and shifting, chopping firewood – any little Boathouse jobs that need doing and will get you sweaty!)


* Contribution toward materials.


Summer Daze

Quayside BBQ – Bring your own food, Meaty, Veggie and Vegan.


All SIGs at the Boathouse include refreshments.


SIG Rules:

Persons under the age of 18 must be fully supervised at all times.


You must provide your own personal protective equipment (PPE) for industrial / work SIGs.  Eye protectors, dust masks, gloves, safety footwear, overalls, hearing protection.


All Health & Safety guidelines and regulations must be followed at all times.


Any accidents or injuries, however small, must be fully recorded.


Public Groups & Gatherings

The Club will fund the following public access free to attend groups and gatherings:


Drip Stands & Dressing Gowns

A historic, ad-hoc informal support group for those diagnosed with a condition that will prematurely terminate their life.  This group has been running since 2010 and is a wholly irreverent, often hilarious, in no way ‘tea and sympathy’ completely peer led support initiative that addresses the issues and opportunities, (yes opportunities) that become present when told one has a terminal illness.

This group, including refreshments, is totally free.


Access to:

Tools, equipment and facilities:



5 X cordless drills

5 X corded drills

2 X table saws

3 X compound miter saws

2 X circular saws (1 cordless)

1 X reciprocal saw

4 X jigsaws (1 cordless)

2 X bandsaws

10 X various electric sanders

3 X electric planers & thicknessers.



MIG Welder

Plasma cutter

Welding table

Various vices

6 angle grinders

Metal cutting mitre saw

Metal cutting table saw



8 into 2 – 500w PA


12 into 2 – 4K PA

Stage lighting



Large LPG griddle

Various BBQs

Various stockpots