Ring Commission

Commission Rings

I am happy to look at making custom rings from a coin you provide, however there are a few caveats to this:

  • I cannot guarantee success!
    However if, before doing anything at all to the coin I have any reservations I’ll liaise directly with you about my concerns.
  • It could be costly!
    I cost my time at £25 per hour.  My ‘stock’ coin rings are made from a very large stash of coins I inherited some years ago, consequently it doesn’t matter if one warps or splits, so I can generally make a nice ring within an hour – hence they sell here for £25.
    With a ring you provide, although I never have, there’s always the risk that it could go wrong so I take a lot more time to carefully anneal and form gradually.  It’s possible that I could make it within one hour, but highly unlikely.  Therefore dependent upon how I feel, I’ll always err on the side of caution and go slow but will generally let you know a maximum fee once I’ve seen and handled the coin, so I may say Three Hours and charge you £75 even if I spend more time.
  • Remember how they’re made.
    Coins are made into rings by removing the centre and folding into a cone, before opening the inside where the hole was punched to form an actual ring.  Please see some of my videos that show the process.  Because of this, I don’t recommend making a ring from a coin where the detail is in the centre – as this will be lost.  Generally speaking a coin with nice detail or text around the edge makes for a nice ring.
  • Some coins won’t be suitable.
    I can generally make rings from almost any coin however there are a few materials that won’t work, such as Steel and Aluminium.  I’m also unable to make a ring from square or unusually shaped coins as they do not sit easily into the forming die I use.  I can also only make a ring from coins larger in diameter than 17mm (the size of a Decimal 1/2p coin).
  • Use Tracked Post!
    If you’re sending a coin for me to look at, please use tracked post, either Royal Mail Special Delivery or Recorded Delivery, there’s less chance of it going astray that way.  Send to:

    The Boathouse
    Canal Street
    S4 7ZE

    If I don’t think the ring is suitable, I’ll return it without charge (just the cost of return tracked postage).

  • Turnaround
    Once received I’ll usually have your ring ready within a couple of days.  I like to leave 24 hours for any lacquer to fully harden.  Once ready I’ll send this off First Class Recorded Delivery.

Any other questions, just ask 🙂